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Lovely Aphrodite is all ready for her duties, looking amazing in her jousting tack. 

She is going to introduce you to the Complete Avatars at New Resident Island.

A newcomer has a choice of avatars available in the 'Complete Avatars' tab on the left taskbar of the viewer you use to log in to Second Life, but of course finding something more individual is one of the first things a new resident wants to do.

Customizing your avatar is a learning process and can be a little complicated and frustrating to begin, especially if you have no previous experience of avatars. It is very important that newcomers go to explore many of the fabulous places and experiences that Second Life has to offer, therefore we have provided a selection of ready made complete avatars for you to use so that at least in the short term you feel more comfortable than exploring in a 'starter avatar'. The complete avatars all include an open source 'mesh' created body and an Animation Overrider (that creates your body movements), in fact everything you need.

Here are some of them.....

Gothic Beauty

In the Folklore & Fantasy store we also have New Resident Island Prince & Princess Complete Avatars!

There are almost 100 complete avatars at New Resident Island for you to choose from until you are ready to begin your own avatar customization process.

There is also a small selection of avatars with a more Androgynous style.

Please look out for the instructions how to use them. Look for this sign in the complete avatar stores.
The complete avatars are made to remain as you see them. 
However, you can try to interchange hair and skin tones which you will find in the shopping village. The animation overriders which come with the complete avatars may also be interchangeable.

Here are some of our hair and skin tones.

Finally, regarding complete avatars, here are the Tiny Fairies, made and available exclusively at New Resident Island. Mesh body avatars which are so cute and sprinkle fairy dust around when you fly!

They are available in the Folklore & Fantasy store.

Find the poster below in the store to read the simple instructions as to how to use the Tiny Fairies complete avatars.

New to Avatar creation and want to learn more about the designer mesh bodies available? Try for information about your thoughts, ideas, money, using demos and gender directories.
Other information sources are available through blogs on the web, stores inworld and branded body and head designers groups.
Please always get the 'demo's' for all of the designer bodies before you buy the real thing.
Ruth and Roth open source bodies -